Blogs I read

A list of Blogs I read regularly.

In the patent space:

  • PatentlyO by Dennis Crouch, for insight and statistics about patents,
  • and its Ethics subsection on IP Ethics by David Hricik.
  • Law 360’s IP Segment, which does require payment for full access to posts, but the free first paragraph is often worth a look.
  • All Things Prosecution a blog on the nuts and bolts of patent prosecution by Karen G. Hazzah and Adam Ellsworth.
  • Just a Patent Examiner which has been quiet for a long time, but is a fascinating perspective from a then-current patent examiner.
  • Written Description, which reviews scholarly articles on IP, and often points to interesting longer sources.
  • Memoranda to Examiners not a blog but an RSS feed of the USPTO’s instructions to examiners on how to examine patents.

Non-Patent blogs I read:

  • SCOTUS blog by Tom Goldstein and an amazing team, analyzing everything at the Supreme Court.
  • The Lawyerist on general practice, and the use of technology in a legal practice.
  • Adams on Contracts by Ken Adams who wrote A Manual of Style for Contract drafting.
  • Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, on economics and the world.

Am I missing any of your favorites? Got some suggestions? Please let me know.

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